EXAUDI Vocal Ensemble

Soprano: Juliet Fraser

Mezzo-soprano: Lucy Goddard

Countertenor: Tom Williams

Tenor: Dawid de Winter

Baritone: Michael Hickman

Bass: Simon Whiteley

Conductor: James Weeks

Libretto: Michał Kawecki

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6th October 2020, Milton Court Concert Hall, London





for vocal ensemble


The idea of the piece "LOST" was crystallised on the ground of “the theatre of the absurd”. To emphasise the theatrical element, the six-voice vocal ensemble was divided into three protagonists.

The main character – a Woman (soprano) – does not know who she is, where she is and what is happening around her. She is absolutely unconscious. Initially, she has a huge problem to say even one word, lengthening everything unnaturally, giving the impression that she is starting to learn how to speak again. The Choir and the Doctor (bass) restore her consciousness in an ambiguous way. They do it in a brutal fashion, insulting her and showing how worthless her life is. Throughout the piece they become harsher, and the Women begins to realise in what a terrible position she is.

The composition consists of three main sections: Retrieval, Diagnosis and Entanglement. This division is important in terms of narrative and the relationship between the Woman and the surrounding environment. Dehumanised atmosphere and the outlined conflicts build up over the course of the piece, having its outlet in a virtuoso climax.

"LOST" was especially written for the EXAUDI Vocal Ensemble during MMus in Composition course at Guildhall School of Music & Drama.


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